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Supporting you to comply with legislation for water safety

Water Treatment Ltd is Ireland’s leading provider of water hygiene & legionella control services. Our innovative solutions for water hygiene management are delivered through highly qualified engineers who bring together unparalleled expertise and capabilities to deliver performance improvement to clients.

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Legionella Support for Your Business

Specializing in legionella control and remedial works, we believe in delivering high quality services your business can depend on.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we aim to make the process of water hygiene management and health and safety compliance, both easy to achieve and clearly manageable for every customer.

Our long list of happy clients include property management companies, housing associations, gyms, schools, retailers, hotel and leisure industry and many more.

Our Expertise


Legionella Testing & Analysis

Stay one step ahead in the battle against Legionella. Mitigate the risk of legionella contamination in your water systems by testing it regularly.

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Legionella Risk Assessments

Keep your staff & customers safe. Comply with health & safety legislations with our legionella risk assessments that identify & assess potential dangers of legionella outbreak.

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Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Minimize the risk of Legionella outbreak by keeping your water systems & pipework clean. Periodically get your water tanks cleaned & disinfected.


Why Our Clients Trust Us

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to ensure the risks associated with Legionnaires’ disease are clearly identified and fully assessed to help reduce your risk and meet the legal obligations required in this important area.

Unmatched Expertise

With nearly 2 decades of experience, our skilled engineers have can pull off any complex job.

Qualified Staff

All our staff have undergone rigorous training to understand your needs & offer you expert advice.

Service Quality

We’re committed to delivering highest quality services aimed to make control & compliance easy.

Proven Results

Our water hygiene management solutions have consistently brought excellent results time and again.

Our Clients

Expert Legionella Risk Management Solutions

Keep your employees & customers safe and save money. Contact us today to learn more about how our risk management solutions can help your business.