About Us

Water Treatment Ltd is committed to offering specialist water treatment services throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Under the leadership of Celtic Water Solutions (CWS), we have quickly established ourselves as an expert, helping clients improve profitability and reduce operational costs with our innovative water treatment solutions.

Central to our ethos is our determination to understand our client’s requirements from the outset. Our success is primarily due to the expertise, commitment and competence of our staff and our ability to understand a client’s requirements, whilst delivering cost-effective solutions through effective management.

We continue to invest in the development of our staff so that they can fully realise their potential and we can maintain an enjoyable working environment.

Our head office is based in Galway with service technicians based all over Ireland.

engineer taking water sample

Why Choose Us?

Cost Effective

Save your business money on maintenance costs, minimize downtime and extend the lifespan of equipment.

Unmatched Expertise

With over 2 decades of experience, our experts can recommend a custom solution depending on needs of your business.

Service Quality

We’re committed to delivering highest quality services that makes managing water systems easy & efficient.

Proven Results

Our water management solutions enable our customers to reduce operational costs and improve profitability.

Let’s Discuss Your Requirements

We are always available to answer any question and give advice.