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Water Treatment Systems

We carry a wide selection of Water Treatment Systems. Water Treatment Systems improve Water Quality, providing safe drinking water, and clean soft mains water,  sutiable for it’s desired function. A Water Treatment System removes existing contaminants in water reducing the concentration levels of the contaminated water rendering the water fit for use. Water purification systems remove contaminants from untreated water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for its intended use, most commonly human consumption. Water purification includes removal of substances such as minerals, bacteria, and chemicals.

Drinking Water Systems

Many people worry about contaminants in their water and this has proven to be something worth worrying about in recent years with many outbreaks of bacteria in water supplies throughout Ireland. Most people until now depended on bottled water or  jug filters, homeowners are now realising that water filter systems are available to them providing clean pure drinking water. Water filters are very cost effective and fit under your kitchen sink. We supply only the best makes and models of water filters and we also supply replacement water filter cartridges for most water treatment equipment.

Domestic Water Systems

With Domestic water systems we can remove minerals, such as limescale, iron, manganese, colour, odours, bacteria and much more from your household water. We supply water softeners, Iron & Manganese Systems, Carbon Filters, and Ultra Violet lights. These water systems will help protect your heating systems and domestic appliances.

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Whole House Water System 10 x 24

Whole House Water System 10 x 24

The 10*24 Carbon Whole House Water System effectively absorbs chlorine in order to deliver chlorine ..


Whole House Water System 10 x 35

Whole House Water System 10 x 35

Enjoy pure filtered water from every tap in the house, Chlorine free bathing. Whole House Water..


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