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  • Doulton Duo Water Filter System with Fluoride & Supercarb Cartridges

The Doulton® Duo Under Sink Water System is the right choice for you to remove fluoride, chlorine, cryptosporidium, e-coli, cysts, gardia, micro-organisms, microplastics & more from your tap water. The water systems keeps the beneficial minerals.

The Doulton® Ceramic Undersink Complete Water Filteration System with Fluoride & Supercarb Cartridges includes all you need to install this under the sink water filter system.

Supercarb Candle

The Supercarb cartridge removes 99.99% of dangerous bacteria such as e-coli, all parasites and cysts, including cryptosporidium and significantly reduces chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, along with solvents, foul tastes, odours, sediment, rust and discolouration.

Fluoride Cartridge

Reduce unwanted naturally occuring and added fluoride in your mains supply drinking water by using the Doulton® Fluoride reduction cartridge in the DUO™ drinking water filter. 

What is included?

- supercarb filter

- fluoride filter

- dual housing

- tubing

- bracket

- screws

- sadle valve/connector

- tap

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Doulton Duo Water Filter System with Fluoride & Supercarb Cartridges

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