Legionella Testing Service

Water hygiene and Legionella control are an essential requirement for many businesses across Ireland to comply with health and safety legislation.

Water Treatment offers a simple and affordable legionella water testing service to the retail, commercial and industrial sectors. From risk assessments to ongoing management of water systems, our solutions have been developed to improve water safety standards, ensure regulatory compliance, and keep people safe.

As part of an ongoing maintenance programme to ensure you are fully compliant with HPSC regulations, our engineers will visit your site and carry out monthly checks of the distribution temperatures of your hot and cold-water systems.

Our qualified engineers can tell if your water meets safety standards, and if not, what you need to do about it. 

Why Test for Legionella?

Businesses that rely on water to deliver their services should routinely test for legionella bacteria to prevent its growth. Legionella thrives in warm water where temperature ranges between 25 – 50°C and other contaminants such as rust and biofilms are present.

The periodic sampling and testing of water sources for the presence of Legionella bacteria is a valuable means of demonstrating to the regulators and other important stakeholders that adequate control over water systems is being maintained and levels of Legionella bacteria are kept within safe limits.

With nationwide lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic forcing many commercial buildings to close for several weeks, underused or unused water systems could lead to a proliferation of legionella bacteria which can affect the health of staff and customers.

Legionella testing must be carried out by a competent person who has had adequate training to identify the conditions that encourage legionella proliferation and when a Legionella Risk Assessment may be required.


When to Test for Legionella?

Periodically examining water quality in the premises is proven to help mitigate the risk of legionella contamination. Legionella monitoring should be carried out where there is doubt about the efficacy of the control regime or it is known that recommended temperatures, disinfectant concentrations or other precautions are not being consistently achieved throughout the system.

It is recommended to test for legionella when:

  • There are doubts about how well the legionella control programme is working
  • The recommended water temperatures are not being achieved
  • There are potential issues with the concentration of disinfectants used to control biological growth, including legionella.
  • Other water safety precautions aren’t working effectively and could put people at risk.
  • There is a high-risk area or where there is a population with increased susceptibility, eg in healthcare premises including care homes.

How To Arrange Legionella Sampling?​

We offer a comprehensive sample collection and testing service all over Ireland. Our team will visit your business premises to identify sampling points and collect samples either on a one-off or periodic basis.

The key to any legionella sampling programme is to make sure that you are getting a representative sample of all of the water in the system.

Each water system is unique and you will have to look at its design, inherent risks and how it is performing to work out where to take water samples, and how many samples to take. The complexity of the system will need to be taken into account to determine the appropriate number of samples to take.

It’s good practice to label samples clearly with details of the outlet, the date and where they were taken from. This procedure allows for easy identification once the legionella testing results are available.

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