Water Treatment

If there is one part of the process you can focus on to immediately see results, it’s the proper treatment of your process water.

Without the right integration of process water treatment and purification technologies, you risk scaling on pipes and the fouling of expensive equipment, increased organic growth, high total dissolved solids, and a host of other problems that affect the quality of the product and service life of your equipment.

A commercial water treatment system will treat your facility’s water so it is more appropriate for a given use, whether for consumption, manufacturing, or even disposal.

Our equipment and system designs target specific process water problems to generate water that meets established water quality standards.

Our Expertise

Providing effective water treatment solutions for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications can be overwhelming and make it difficult to implement an effective design.

Take the operational burden off your staff – and the uncertainty out of your water.

Knowing your desired process water quality, usage, and specifications, we can determine the best water treatment solution for your water filtration needs. Our application engineers specialize in creating customized, cost-effective solutions to your industrial process water filtration needs.

We offer a variety of water purification equipment capable of meeting the most demanding water treatment needs, including custom commercial water purification systems for producing high-purity water.

Our consultations take into account the individual production requirements, budgetary concerns, capital, and operating costs associated with water treatment.


Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment

We supply commercial and industrial water treatment systems for a wide range of industries such as hospitality, food & beverage, distilleries, pharmaceuticals, healthcare facilities, manufacturers, agriculture, offices and other higher volume water users needing high-quality water. 

Our continued investment in new technologies enables us to deliver our customers the most efficient, innovative, and environmentally friendly solutions on the market.

Following a modular design approach gives us the flexibility to custom design systems with standard components that meet a wide range of commercial and industrial water treatment applications.

By using a water treatment system designed by our application engineers, you’ll save on energy, operating costs, plumbing repairs and general maintenance.


Water Softening

Our water softeners range from traditional single tank softeners to progressive flow multi-tank systems. Using the latest technology, our high-performance water softeners can meet the needs of diverse businesses, efficiently delivering flow rates from 1 to over 500 cubic metres an hour.


Ultraviolet Filtration

UV disinfection systems are an economical, chemical-free and environmental way to treat microbiologically contaminated waters without the addition of harmful chemicals. Each unit is specifically engineered to provide optimized flow and retention time to effectively reduce bacteria by up to 99.9%.


Reverse Osmosis

Commercial RO systems take care of removing unwanted dissolved solids from water through the utilization of highly efficient reverse osmosis membranes. Less wastewater, low energy consumption, and high flow rates at competitive prices make our commercial RO systems highly valuable in the market.

Why Choose Us?

Commercial and industrial water treatment forms a core part of our business. We understand that each industrial client has unique water quality requirements. Let us help customize a solution that solves your water treatment concerns within your budget, time frame, and sustainability goals.

We have the knowledge and expertise to fulfil your industrial water filtration, purification and water softening needs. We offer state-of-the-art industrial water systems and custom engineered process water solutions to meet many treatment needs.

Our team can assist you with determining which commercial water treatment solution is right for your business.

With nearly 2 decades of experience in custom water treatment solutions, we’ve likely solved a solution similar to yours before so you know you’re always talking to an expert in water treatment.

Qualified Staff

All our staff have undergone rigorous training to understand you needs & offer you expert advice.

High Expertise

With nearly 2 decades of experience, our skilled engineers have can pull off any complex job.

Customized Solution

Unique and fully customized solution tailored as per your industry and water application.

Preventative Maintenance

Dedicated assistance & maintenance program to ensure supreme efficiency and no downtime.

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