Commercial Water Softeners

Water hardness along with other undesirable minerals in the water can cost businesses a lot of money annually in plumbing repairs, energy consumption, premature replacement of equipment, and fixtures etc.

A water softener can offer a range of benefits to your business, regardless of what industry you are in. By softening your incoming water or water feeding a certain process you can improve system efficiency, prolong the lifespan of machinery and pipework, ensure a spot-free final rinse in cleaning or manufacturing, not to mention added benefits of cleaner glassware and softer laundry.

We offer a wide range of water softeners that aim to exceed the demands of our customers. Our range of commercial water softeners is one of the most comprehensive in Ireland, making them suitable for industry, businesses and commercial premises.

Softened Water for your Business

Water softeners are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and the final choice of model should take into consideration a number of factors including: Water hardness, flow rate, daily water consumption, pressure and system design.

Using the latest technology & reliable Clack valve, our water softeners are able to meet the needs of diverse businesses, efficiently delivering flow rates from 1 to over 500 cubic metres an hour.

From single vessel units (simplex) to dual vessel (duplex) systems that allow for continuously soft water, without downtime for regeneration. Each system boasts a range of resin capacities and superior performance, paramount for commercial or industrial applications where softened water is essential to operations.



  • Cooling towers and Steam generators
  • Dishwashers and Washing machines
  • Heat exchangers
  • Central heating systems
  • Steam boilers
  • Water heaters
  • Steam ovens
  • RO pre-treatment and Process water


  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Breweries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Professional kitchens
  • Bakeries
  • Laundries
  • Manufacturing
  • Water treatment 
simplex water softener

Simplex Water Softener

Simplex water softeners use a high quality glass fibre vessel with superior softening resin to offer maximum use before regeneration is required. The brine tank sits separately to the main vessel, making it easy to top up salt and maintain.

The system regenerates chronometrically so can be programmed to regenerate outside of operational hours. This softener is suitable for applications with a flow rate of 1,200-3,000 litres per hour, with 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L and 75L capacities available.

duplex water softener

Duplex Water Softener

Duplex water softeners consist of two high quality glass fibre vessels, filled with superior softening resin which offers maximum use before regeneration is required. Duplex Softeners allow continuous softened water without down-time for regenerations, switching from duty to standby automatically.

Our Duplex Commercial Water Softeners are metered, so will regenerate based on the amount of water that is being passed through each vessel and are available in 75L, 100L, 125L, 150L and 200L capacities.

Why Choose Us?

Commercial and industrial water treatment forms a core part of our business. We understand that each industrial client has unique water quality requirements. Let us help customize a solution that solves your water treatment concerns within your budget, time frame, and sustainability goals.

We have the knowledge and expertise to fulfil your industrial water filtration, purification and water softening needs. We offer state-of-the-art industrial water systems and custom engineered process water solutions to meet many treatment needs.

Our team can assist you with determining which commercial water treatment solution is right for your business.

With nearly 2 decades of experience in custom water treatment solutions, we’ve likely solved a solution similar to yours before so you know you’re always talking to an expert in water treatment.

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