Cleaning & Disinfection of Water Storage Tanks

To minimise the risk from Legionella and other harmful bacteria, it is critical to inspect water tanks periodically. If contamination is found, the water tanks will need to be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected to remove the potential danger.

As a leading provider of legionella risk assessment services, we offer a comprehensive range of water tank cleaning and maintenance services associated with water hygiene and Legionella control.

Our qualified engineers are fully equipped to handle any cleaning or disinfection work, no matter how large or complex the job be. We can carry out a risk assessment before the work that will identify any hazards associated with the tasks and how to reduce or control any risks identified.

As part of our cleaning process, we will:

  • Inspect water tank for design flaws
  • Drain & clean water tank
  • Use approved chemicals for disinfection
  • Conduct a photographic survey
  • Provide certification of disinfection

Why is Water Tank Maintenance Important?

Over a period of time, it is perfectly normal to notice sediment and silt at the bottom of the water tanks. Factors such as low circulation water sources and stagnation often lead to the formation of rust, biofilms and scale buildup. Stagnation can also be caused due to under-utilizing water, excessively large tank, and blockages in your water system.

If not appropriately maintained, this can be harmful as poorly maintained water tanks provide ideal thriving conditions for harmful bacteria such as Legionella & E.Coli.

It can not only increase the risk to health and safety of employees, visitors, and customers but also lead to legal action as you may be breaking the law. As per HPSC’s National Guidelines for the Control of Legionellosis in Ireland 2009, cold water storage tanks should be regularly inspected as part of your monitoring programme.

As a facilities manager, it is your responsibility to be familiar with your water system and to undertake regular inspection and maintenance throughout.

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Why Choose Us?

Cold water storage tank cleaning & disinfection is one of our core businesses. Over the years, we have developed expertise in carrying out challenging jobs for our clients based all over Ireland.

We are experts in legionella control and take immense pride in using our knowledge to deliver excellent results to our clients. All our engineers who carry out cleaning & disinfection works are highly qualified with decades of experience between them. When hiring us, you can rest assured your water systems are in safe hands.

Our services cover all types of tanks from routine domestic attic tanks to large cold storage and sectional tanks. We can perform both water tank inspections and tank cleaning services as part of our services to prevent legionella growth.

We only use high-quality chemical and latest cleaning techniques to ensure your water tanks are thoroughly clean and free from anything that could contribute to bacterial contamination.

All our work is carried out in strict compliance with guidelines issued by HPSC.

Qualified Staff

All our staff have undergone rigorous training to understand your needs & offer you expert advice.

High Expertise

With nearly 2 decades of experience, our skilled engineers have can pull off any complex job.

Service Quality

We’re committed to delivering highest quality services aimed to make control & compliance easy.

Proven Results

Our water hygiene management solutions have consistently brought excellent results time and again.

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